3rd Anniversary


At the end of September 2003, the 150th anniversary of the Great Camp was the focus of our third anniversary celebrations.  It was a great success; see the picture story below.

In beautiful weather, and after a long hot summer, the scene was reminiscent of a French village fete.

'Queen Victoria', riding side saddle, flanked by her loyal old soldiers parades down the High Street.


Upon her arrival at Benham's Corner, children of St Lawrence School, led by 'headmistress' Diana Linfoot, entertain the Queen.


"Is she REALLY the Queen?"


A poor woman of the village tells the story of Chobham's cannon to the children and the Queen.

Several hundred visitors packed the museum during the afternoon.

Even when most visitors had long gone, children stayed on - fascinated by the traditional games.

All photographs: David Stokes

Thanks to all our volunteers for making it such a wonderful day.